Survival Tips for Your Remodel

Do you know how to prepare for your remodeling project? What we’re really asking is if you’re ready for a little chaos in your life? Once you’ve chosen a skilled, reputable contractor (hopefully, that’s us!), and all the contracts are signed, it’s time to get ready for the remodel itself. 

Don’t worry! We do all the hard stuff. But here are six ways you can prepare for your remodel. 

1. Everything must go. Whatever room is going to be remodeled needs to be emptied out completely. Talk to your contractor about what they expect you to do and what they will do. (Hint: it should be detailed in the contract.) Think of this as a terrific opportunity to declutter and get rid of stuff! Look up Marie Kondo. Her tips will help you get rid of stuff! So let’s say it’s a kitchen remodel. Clear out all your cabinets, remove everything from shelves and countertops. Remove all furniture from the room. Construction can’t begin if the room is full of your belongings.

2. Accept a little chaos. Remodels can be a bit tough for anyone who likes their world neat and orderly. No matter how much a contractor seals off a space, let’s face it. There’s going to be some construction dust, and the construction space will definitely not appear neat and orderly. It’s just the nature of the process. Work with your contractor to understand how they plan to seal off the rest of your home, redirect airflow, etc. 

3. Prepare for noise. Noise is inevitable with construction. Ideally, you’re not home, so the sound won’t bother you at all. If you are home, prepare as best as you can be buying a good set of earplugs or use some headphones to listen to music if you’re stuck at home during the remodel. Stay as far from the construction area and noise as possible! Some smart clients who typically work from home set up a temporary office elsewhere. 

4. Expect people. Introverts tend to struggle a bit with remodels because people are coming and going all day. Depending on the size of the project, there might not be many places to hide from others! However, if you mentally prepare for this mini-invasion, you’ll find it a lot easier to accept. Who knows? You might even enjoy having a construction crew around!

5. Things happen. One thing we know about construction is that we don’t know what can happen. It’s not unusual to run into issue or for the homeowner to change their mind about something related to the project, like switching out a selection they’d made. Prepare yourself for the unexpected! The best contractor in the world can plan to the last nailhead, but often things come up. Tell yourself this before the project begins, so you won’t be so shocked later!

6. Talk to us. The best relationships – and most successful remodels – are the ones where there is great communication. (Remember we compared this to a great marriage?!) Talk to your contractor! Ask all your questions, raise any concerns, and have faith in the process. You’ll feel so much better if you do!

Preparing for a remodel is about more than moving furniture out of a room. It’s also about being mentally prepared for the disruption about to happen in your home. However, if you keep these tips in mind, we’ve no doubt you won’t just survive the process, you’ll be thrilled you decided to remodel your space!