What to Expect When You Remodel

Do you know what to expect from a remodel – besides a fabulous outcome? Think of the remodeling process as short-lived discomfort, a means to an incredible end – your dream space.

Here are six things you should expect during a remodel:

1. Decisions:  Do you like to make decisions? We need a lot of answers well before we ever pick up a hammer! What’s your paint color? Cabinet style? Where do you want your light switches? In which direction do you want doors to open? On and on! Brace yourself. There are lots of decisions to be made.

2. Shock:  The first time you see the construction site – whether we’ve demolished cabinetry or ripped out walls – can be a shock. (If you faint, we promise to pick you up.) Remodels often mean that we deconstruct first, rebuild next. Have faith in us and the process! 

3. Dust: It’s an excellent time to accept some dust in your life! We carefully seal off the area from the rest of the house, but some construction dust often finds its way into the rest of the house. We promise to do everything we can to keep it from taking over.

4. Noise: If you have a noisy household, you might not even hear us. If you don’t have a loud home, how’s your tolerance for noise? Think nail guns, sanders, electric saws, and work crews in your home. Definitely not beautiful sounds, but remember: remodeling is short-lived torture; ahem, we mean, process!

5. Expect the unexpected:  Always expect the unexpected with a remodel. Sometimes, we run into issues. It’s not unheard of to find pipes where they don’t belong, jerry-rigged electrical wiring, compromised foundations, wood rot, and so on. These often affect the budget, timeline, or both. Either way, we promise to be fully transparent and discuss everything. 

6.Change orders:  Let’s face it. Sometimes, things change. It could be an unexpected issue or some change once the project has started. These lead to change orders to document any modifications to the original plan, contract, and pricing. For example, remember that jerry-rigged electrical wiring we mentioned? Before fixing it, we will issue a change order and request your autograph on it. 

We try to make the remodeling process as easy and pleasant as possible – otherwise, we wouldn’t have any return clients! If you’re considering a remodel, call us. We’d love to discuss your project.